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Who I Am:

I am a licensed psychologist in southern California who likes to blog about mental health and geek culture. I love to be creative, so sometimes I cosplay and I make my own stuff, I draw weird things, sometimes I knit and crochet. I love anime, Dungeons & Dragons, and stationery. I like to challenge myself doing things I'm not good at. I also proudly belong to many fandoms, which you will discover easily if you browse through some of my posts.

What's up with this blog:

I started this blog for these reasons:
1) to share information about mental health
2) to explore the intersection of geek culture and psychology
3) to geek out

I write about the psychology of different things, like television series, characters from works of fiction, or psychological disorders as represented in works of fiction, all based on my own opinions. My opinions are my own, and I write for fun. I am not writing on behalf of any organization, company, or any other individual. I don't do ads or sponsored posts, although I do share links to other places on the webs that you might also like if you are viewing this blog and enjoying it and want to see more geekery. You'll notice the plural in "Shrinks & Geeks." That's because from time to time, though infrequent, I'll have guest writers.

So hang out, look around, and have a good time! ♥

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