Wayward Sisters: The Series We Need Now

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Stranger Things & Psychology Part 3: Hopper's Cabin

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Hopper’s Cabin: Inside the Heart of a Hero

“It’s a work-in-progress, you know, It’s uh… It takes a little imagination, but uh…you know, once we fix it up, it’s gonna be nice…real nice. This is your new home.”
                                                                                       –Jim Hopper, Stranger Things, S2, Episode 3

In Season 2 of Stranger Things, we become reunited with Eleven at Jim Hopper’s secret cabin. This location, serving as a haven—at times a prison for Eleven— is much more than a roof and four walls. More interestingly, this simple old cabin is an allegory for the heart of Chief Hopper, and the profound changes it undergoes throughout the season.

Stranger Things & Psychology Part 2: Jim Hopper


One of the fantastic aspects of Stranger Things is that it is one of those series that truly makes use of its characters. No character is left undeveloped. Jim Hopper is one of those characters who undergoes a very painful process throughout both seasons.