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Fandom Friday: 'The Flame's Daughter'

April 13, 2018
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5 Fandom Fridays was a thing I used to do for a bloggers group I am a part of. That is no longer happening, but I decided to do my own thing! In my Fandom Friday's, I share about a thing I am currently enjoying.

The Flame's Daughter is a Chinese martial arts/romance drama based on a novel by Ming Xiaoxi, that I am currently super into. It began airing in March of this year, and as of writing this, it is currently still airing (though as of writing this I am only caught up to episode 21). Here are four reasons I am currently totally hooked on this drama:

Shrink Rant: Why I Can't with 'She Was Pretty'

April 8, 2018
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I'm sorry. I try to keep it to moderately acceptable writings on my blog. I don't write about stuff I don't know about, I try not to blindly criticize and I try not to be too judgmental. But I'm a little angry as I write this (and maybe I'm a little dehydrated as well, and it's also late). The best I can do is try to keep this post short!

Psychology of Solomon's Perjury

March 26, 2018

[Trigger warning: This post discusses suicide.]

I am taking a dip into Asian dramas, and I'm starting with one I watched some months ago. Solomon's Perjury is a South Korean mystery drama. It first aired in South Korea in December of 2016, and is available on Netflix. The show follows a small group of students as they investigate every detail and analyze every move that led to the death of their classmate, Lee So-Woo, whose body is discovered on school grounds. After investigating, the police conclude that his death is a suicide. However, students are unconvinced. #Spoilers.